Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Review

So... sense the last time i posted something a lot has happened so ill fill you in on the news. First thing of business, we sent my second oldest brother Aaron off to go on his mission so at the moment he is now in the Brazil Sou Paulo MTC training center and he is loving it! Now the other things that have happened are: My Father Left to ND to see what he can find there so we are missing him a TON but we call him every morning and night to talk to him and catch up with what we have been doing. Another big event that happened with me is: 

 So on Friday morning(12 midnight Thursday) Me and a couple of friends went to the midnight premier of The Hunger Games which we all loved the book and the movie equally. We had a bunch of fun, we got at the movie theater at 7:30 and we waited in line until 9, which is when they started letting everyone in, then we had a blast waiting and laughing (a ton) until the movie started which happened to be a total of 3 hours of well worth waiting.

 This is me and my friend Julia waiting in line as you can tell we are excited

Me, Julia, Taylor, and Rachel waiting in line

So other than the Movie not much has happened but i do have some more pictures to show you all so please enjoy!

So every morning, on my A-days, I have to take a bus to a different school for a class I'm taking and every morning i get to sit down and look at this, its wonderful!  

 Now in Idaho we have had a range of all kinds of weather and all in the span of 1 week. One day It was 60 degrees of wonderful sunny weather and then the next day it was a good 30 degrees of wonderful snow, wind, and rain but it was all very pretty and i still enjoyed my week!

On the sunny days I took my younger siblings and our dog Thor to the park to enjoy a little fun in the sun
then when we got home we rested on the plush couch while...

I took pictures of my tired eyes. 

The next day me and Thor were buddy's so we did what buddy's do, took pictures together with serious eyes.

 After a couple of days had passed i got to spend the weekend with my wonderful nephew B.J.C Brody and we did what Aunts and Nephews do, we look at each other with beautiful eyes.  

I noticed that after a couple of days of fun the house was not at its fullest degree of cleanliness so me, my mom, and the kid-lings cleaned the house and with a little bit of teamwork we made great success. This picture is of kaden and liv's trying to get the vacuum upstairs all by their little self's, i was so proud of them. 

After all that excitement i decided i should get to work on one of the 3 projects that i have to finish this spring break so i chose to do my game board for history. It wasn't as bad and boring as i thought it would be and i ended up learning a lot more cool facts about random things that i never even knew existed.  
Over all it's been a great couple of weeks for me and i hope you have enjoyed your weeks just as much as i have. Happy Spring Break!