Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here's to the New Year!

I made a deal with my older sister that consist of us both frequently updating our blogs, or at least to try and be better at posting more often. I guess that's a good goal to start with for this new year. So, Amber. Are you ready for this challenge? 

I guess the last time I posted something was in November and according to my photo's this is what my life has been like:

Chopped my hair off

Joined the family over thanksgiving weekend (after thanksgiving).

Got to see this girl on her 1st birthday

Got to go home for Christmas and join this guy on a fun little car ride as well as a lot of shopping with my Mother

And then to Finnish 2013 off I settled down and watched a sweet movie and ate plenty of treats. All together this year has been a fun one. 
As for 2014 I will start school in a few days at BYU-I and move-in day will be this Thursday/Friday. Who know's what is in store for me but I am ready to take it on!