Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So i said there would be pictures of the zoo trip that my 2 friends and I went on and there is! 

So this one is my two friends that I went with, the one in the back (that the sun is blocking) is Taylor and then there is Julia (birthday girl) in the front.

chillin like a villain

just got fed!

cool bike they had for the "Africa" part
This weird screaming bird that freaked me out (because it screamed at me and I mean literally screamed)

more monkeys


and Tigers (Oh my)

plenty of penguins

 I think this is a bullfrog, I have no idea

and finally my favorite, meerkats!

So that is all the pictures that i have of the zoo trip but thanks for taking a look!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Little breaks
So guess what? I don't have school on monday and i'll tell you what, 
I am so happy about this! Why am i so happy about this? Cause that 
means I get one more day to study for finals!Now I know what your 
thinking, why in the world would you be excited for that? Well i need it that's why. but that's not the only thing i am going to do tomorrow, nope I am going to go to the zoo with some of my friends to celebrate one of their birthdays that happens to be today so be prepared for some pictures in the future!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


    What’s going on?

I’ll tell you what’s going on. Finals.  And it’s making me go crazy. No joke, so I think I am going to just express my feelings by blogging them. Well… That and I will post some pictures for you guys.

So first things first. I just had to write a paper for my English class and my paper was about “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and I’ll tell you what. That was definitely not fun. But I think I got a good grade on it so it makes it all worth it in the end!  
  (I don't love writing papers about Huck Finn)

Now the thing about finals that is so horrible is that they are B.O.R.I.N.G. end of discussion. Well there’s that and the fact that you have to study so stinking hard for those things. But that’s all I am going to say about finals right now. Now moving on to happier things. 

I had a blast with my sister who stopped by for the holidays and we did a lot of things including, crafts, rooftop trips, and shopping but i had a blast doing it all!  
Rooftop sunset
Rooftop moon
crafts and such
and of course downtown shopping!