Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer so far

School got out not too long ago so I have been pretty busy for the last 2 or 3 weeks. Now since I am not busy at the moment I have decided to make a quick (or not so quick) blog post.So to give a little preview of what you will read in a bit I will give a summery of my summer so far. So The day school ended I went over to my friend Taylor's home with a bunch of other friends and it was very rainy and cold but we decided to play card games like spoons, phase 10, and things alike. After some crazy (and brutal) card games we relaxed a bit and watched a not so scary movie. I believe we watched The Others. I wasn't scared but some of the other friends were.After that me and some of the girls went and decided to go swimming in Taylor's neighborhood pool just because it was open. By this point the sun was going down and like mentioned before it was cold but not raining anymore. When we arrived at the pool we all lined up and took the "leap of faith" and we swam till we couldn't feel our fingers. I wish I would have gotten some photos of us so I won't have any pictures below of this event :(. So just this past week I went with some close family friends to Wyoming for a week and it was fun. We did things like swimming, hiking, driving (a lot), shopping, dancing with cowboys, going to a roadio, and adventuring in old abandoned homes.It was very fun. I will go into more detail under the pictures. When I got home the next day (Saturday) I went to a cool day camp for my church and it was amazing. I went on a tightrope, did a Leap of Faith off of a 40 foot tall tree into nothing but thin air (I had a harness on and I was attached to a pulley system of course), climbed a very tall rock wall, and last but not least I went on a zip line that was about a quarter of a mile long. It too was very high off the ground but I felt like super man flying through (or over in some cases) the tall forest tree's. I had so much fun but again I didn't take any photos so I can't show you how much fun I had but I do have some silly photos I took of my younger siblings just in the backyard. We have one of those little blue baby pools that one can get for cheap at Walmart or Fredmyers and so I had the kids (and Thor) do different poses with it. It's silly I know but I did it because it's one way I can have some one-on-one time with my siblings that we all will enjoy. Another thing is it makes me happy to see them be silly like they deserve to be! Okay so here are the pictures: 

Abby Posing by a bench

Abby playing "dead" in the pool

Same thing just black and White

Alivia trying to keep the pool steady on her head while looking beautiful at the same time. 

Thor "posing in the pool, he did not want to cooperate with me...

Me being a weirdo by the tree, Abby did well on capturing my weirdness in this photo :)

This is my favorite one of kaden. I told him to act tough like he is holding the world and this is what he did. pretty awesome huh?

Kaden wanted to pose with the pool like Alivia so thus he did...

this is another favorite of mine 

Alivia liked this pose, when I told her to stand by the tree she said, "Like a tornado is coming?", I thought it was cute

Tornado pose again just in color

Thor being a handsome creep under a pool :)

Okay here are the Wyoming photos:

 View from the porch on the condo we stayed at. It was a super pretty place, in a lot of ways it reminded me of being in Alaska just because all of the trees

Okay so here is some sort of rat or mole thing that we found swimming in the pool that we were swimming at. It looks dead here but that thing was very much alive. We got it out of the pool and put it in a cup and gave it to the hotel people to take care of. It was nasty but in a weird way I felt bad for the thing.

 I was trying to get a picture of the clouds under the sun, you cant really tell here but there was a purple-ish rim around the clouds and it was pretty cool looking. 

Okay so out of my whole trip to Wyoming this was my favorite part by far. So here you see an old house. This house is located on a road called Mormon Row. Mormon pioneers settled in this area and this is one of the houses that they lived in. Now I decided to have a little adventure so I took a look around the house to see if you could get in it. All the windows were boarded up and the front door was locked so I took a look at the back. The back door was wide open and from what I could see the house was pitch black inside. Now the Munson inside me said, "Lets go in!", so I did. No one in the  crane family (family I went with to Wyoming) wanted to go in with me but I got the 2 oldest girls to go with me so that if anything happened they could tell someone. When I walked into the home with my handy dandy iphone flashlight I notice all kinds of old cloths scattered on the floor of the home and the floor itself was caving in at some points and the floor it's self felt like it was going to give at any moment but I didn't let that stop me. I continued on going farther and farther into this home while the floors creaked below my feet. As I was looking around the crane girls decided to cling onto my back as close as they could so there was never a moment where i was alone but when I walked I had to think for three people instead of just my self so I found spots in the floor where I felt it could support more than three people at once. As I was looking around I noticed this hallway off to the side so I looked in it and I saw a stair case but it was a tiny stair case and it had no rail or handle to hold on to as you ascended up the stairs. This was by far the creepiest part cause the flashlight I had did not do a very good job of lighting up my surroundings and I felt like someone was going to grab my face and shove me down the stairs at any moment but that didn't happen. In fact when we reached the upstairs there was a door to the left and a door to my right. They were small doors and I had to bend over in order to get into the rooms but as soon as I opened the doors a ton of light filled up the space around us. The rooms we had now entered were the cutest rooms. They were pink and they had very little room in them. In the rooms  there was old boardgames and clippings of cloth laying around the floor. Both of the rooms looked like little girl rooms but I wasn't sure. So after having a good look around the two rooms we exited the rooms and we decided to leave the upstairs as it was before so we closed and locked up both doors and the creepy darkness returned. Going down the stairs was even worse though. Both Jenna and Jessica were clinging to my back like there was no tomorrow and so it was hard to keep my footing as I made my decent down the creepy and skinny stairs but I made it and so did Jessica and Jenna but I decided to have a little fun so I acted like I heard something in the room beside us and I booked it out of the house and they both started screaming there heads off and took off behind me trying to grab hold of me. As we were running out I couldn't stop laughing and I wasn't really paying attention to where I was stepping and suddenly my right foot crashed through the floor and this scared the crap out of me but I recovered and I got my foot out of the floor and walked the rest of the way out of the house hitting my head on a few cabinet's on the way. It was still fun though and I will never forget that day. 

 Buffalo on Mormon Row

  Old home I adventured in

  Buffalo walking by the car

So that is all the photos I have. Summer has been super fun so far for me as you can tell but I do hope you guys are all enjoying your summer as well!