Sunday, February 1, 2015

We Can Find Happiness

Recently, I started my third semester at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Before the semester started, I had made a goal to strive for happiness and peace throughout the whole semester. I decided that I wasn't going to worry about silly things that would happen while I was at school. Many of those silly things would include grades, dating, anything work related, roommate related, and so-on. I didn't want to go throughout this semester always worrying, because I wanted to be happy! 

Now, I was signed up for 16 credits, so I expected this semester to challenge me in ways that I had not yet been challenged, and that proved to be true. About 4 weeks into the semester, I found myself running out of time for all the homework that I had been assigned. I had never had so much reading to do, nor for so many classes! I wanted to get good grades in my classes, but as my homework started to pile up, I couldn't quite see how that was going to happen. Now, even though all of this was happening, I was still intent on being happy and at peace with everything that came my way.

So instead of stressing myself out, I pretended that my work load wasn't that big of a deal. After all, I didn't have kids to worry about, and I didn't have a job to attend to, so why should I complain about my life? Well, if you can't tell all ready, I was being a pretty bad liar to myself. I love school, but at the beginning of this semester, I found myself thinking about never doing this again, and that was just because I had too much to carry. 

One day, in my pre-calculus class, I had the thought of dropping just one class. It was still early enough in the semester that my grade wouldn't be counted, and that wasn't a bad idea. As I tested it out in my mind, a little nagging feeling came to my thoughts. Part of me felt like I would be a quitter if I just gave up on that one class, and I didn't want to be a quitter. But the more I prayed and pondered about that idea, the more I felt like I needed to drop this class. The only thing that was holding me back was the fact that it was my religion class. 

I didn't want to drop that class because I really enjoyed the subject, and the light that it brought into my life was always such a blessing, but it was the only class that I could drop if I wanted to stay within the credit limit I needed in order to keep my scholarship and other financial aids. I didn't quite understand why, of all classes, it had to be this one. 

Two weeks ago, as I was sitting with my roommate, just talking about different things, I felt prompted to share with her the feelings that I had concerning this thought. As I told her about what I felt was right, but what I wanted to do, she listened intently. When I was done talking, she looked at me and said something along the lines of, "Katelynn, just because you drop this class doesn't mean that you can't take it ever again." She told me that maybe it would be best for me to drop out of it now, and focus on the harder classes this semester. That way I could take this religion class next semester, and really enjoy it, without feeling stressed. 

Though she may not know it, my roommate was an answer to my prayer. At that moment I knew that God had been patiently waiting for me. Waiting for me to be ready to hear what he had to say. I didn't feel like a failure any more. I felt relieved, but most of all, I felt loved by my Father in Heaven. 

I just wanted to testify of my Father in Heaven, and my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that they bring me peace and happiness in my life. I know that one day, if I am living righteously, keeping the commandments of God, and keeping the covenants that I have made with him, I will be able to return home to His Kingdom again. I am so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am thankful for the scriptures, and I know that the Bible and the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I know that Joseph Smith was and is a Prophet of God. I know that he is the Prophet of the Restoration. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet on earth today. I know that the first presidency and the councel of the Twelve Apostles are prophet, seers, and revelators. I know that my Savior Jesus Christ atoned for our sins, and I know that through his Atonement, we can all repent and return home to God's Kingdom. I know that we can be forgiven of everything when we repent with true sincerity. Last, but not least, I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church of Christ, and I say so in the sacred name of Jesus Christ. 

If you get the chance to, watch this video. I found it truly inspiring!