Sunday, September 22, 2013

Things I Have done

Here, in Rexburg, the air has reached a cool and crisp tone. It's been cold in the mornings but nice and cool in the evenings. I kind of love it but I am still longing for a nice hot sun and a beach to lay on or an ocean to swim in. But for now, jackets with lots of layers and wool socks will have to do. 
Sense my last post I have done quite a bit, or at least a couple, of sweet things have occurred. First, the students are finally back! It's been so fun meeting up with old friends and meeting such nice and new people who I hope and know I can become friends with. Along with all the students comes the given activities that the college throws. They call these activities such things as "I-night" and/or "Dances". 
I've had a blast at both of these things and I hope I wont forget the fun I've been having. Another thing that has occurred is I bought a bike. A very simple, very fun, good bike. This happened while my Mom was in town. We happened to walk by a bike shop, which I believe was named "Bills Bike and Run shop", and we decided to take a look around. With the help of my mother, and a very helpful (and handsome, I might add) worker, I chose and bought a bike. Sense then getting around Rexburg has been great and so much more easier! 

*little side note; I did happen to run into said worker at singles ward today so, there is hope...*

I guess I'll show some pictures of some of the said events so, enjoy!