Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Catch Up

Remember that time when you were little? That time when you saw that amazing older person and thought "I can't wait to grow up!"? Maybe that person was an older sibling or a favorite teacher that you looked up to. Either way, and no matter who caused that thought to cross your mind, you still created that train of thought. Did it ever occur to you that one day that thought would be a reality? Well let me tell you something, it didn't ever occur to me until recently.

Recently I grew up, sort of... Okay, I know I'm still young and I still have a whole life ahead of me but things just got real for me. Before I didn't have any care in the world. My friends would always be my friends and my family would always be my family and I would be a perpetual teenager. Well Katelynn, it doesn't necessarily work that way.

You move on with life. You move out of the house, eventually, and you get a job, eventually. If you're lucky you go on to college. You worry about whether or not you are doing a good job at being an adult. Your friends are still there but there life has moved on as well and one day you all just grow up and you are okay with that. Your family is still there but they are never completely 'right there'. They do love you though and they would never let you fail, or at least not alone. 

The point is, life becomes a little difficult. That is not a bad thing though. There are going to be some really rewarding and enjoyable parts of moving along in life but some parts are going to seem hard. I am lucky though. I have my Heavenly Father here by my side and my family is always here for me. I have two great comforts that will never let me down even when I let them down sometimes. 

Well enough dramatics. I think it is time I show some pictures. These pictures are from my life lately meaning sense I started senior year up to end of my summer. I hope you enjoy! 



  1. growing up ain't easy... but along with it, comes very beautiful things. i love you sister. thanks for all the fun pics, i love looking at memories. xoxo

    1. Thanks girl! Yeah I know it's got it's bumps but there are the smooth an rewarding parts too. Plus I have the most awesome people here to help me and that's a lot more than most people can say! Love you to big little sister!